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Here is my piece on a recent stopover that proved so enriching:

My interview on Suvarna News 24x7
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Bangalore's Change Makers on Radio
Ï have just returned to my old favourite medium: Radio, but only for a bit. On invitation by Radio Indigo 91.9 FM, Iam hosting a 6-part show called 'Bangalore's Changemakers'. It airs every Sunday 9-10 am until Dec 9.

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Filmi chakkar
Across generations of audiences, films continue to play on minds long after 'The End' rolls out. That's the power of cinema, writes Vasanthi Hariprakash.
"Tumhaara naam kya hai Basanti?" Try staying indifferent to movies, when you answer to a query like that. In a compartment on the train from Jamshedpur, at a dhaba in Punjab's Bhatinda, at a friend's house in UP's Aligarh, wherever father was posted, that would be the line when people got to know my name. Or another: "Train kyon, tumhaari Dhanno kahaan hai?" read more...

India's homemakers recruited as hotel chefs
A new breed of chefs is taking over hotel kitchens in India. Housewives and mothers are now being recruited to bring "home-cooked" food to five-star plates, as Vasanthi Hariprakash reports from Bangalore.
As I finish my lunch at a restaurant in the city-centre, I reach for the dessert that the steward has recommended.
It turns out to be "obbattu", a sweet usually made in south Indian homes during festivals and not often seen on upscale hotel more...


N R Narayana
Murthy, Mentor, Infosys

"I know Vasanthi since the time she has been hosting the breakfast show on Radio City 91.1 FM and I listen to her shows whenever I can. I observe that even on a busy primetime radio show, she has created spaces to introduce topics of relevance such as consumer issues, women's health issues and social concerns such as opportunities to care for the underprivileged children. I notice that she has a genuine desire to make a difference to the world around her..." (while nominating Vasanthi for the Young Leaders Summit held in Salzburg, Austria in 2007).

Harish Bijoor,
Brand-strategy specialist,
CEO, Harish Bijoor Consults Inc.

In the very beginning, Vasanthi was a voice. A voice I heard on Radio City. This bubbly, energetic, full-of-life voice that had Bangalore wake up to the smell of one-by-two coffee and every Bangalore-ism there was to explore. Vasanthi's voice was as refreshing as my morning cup of Baba Budangiri coffee. Fresh, zippy and full of life. And then Vasanthi became a face. I met Vasanthi as she interviewed me on issues close to my heart: Bangalore, my book, branding and coffee of course. And then Vasanthi became more of a face with me catching her Bangalore bites on national network television. Right through all these interactions with Vasanthi, I have found her full of energy, a new angle to every issue there is to discuss, and someone always seeking the innovative and the zesty out. Vasanthi's zest for life and her very deep involvement in anything she does, is a hall-mark trait. Vasanthi will do nothing skin-deep. It needs to be really, really deep. Whether Vasanthi is doing a story on the disappearing sparrows from Bangalore or the most recent disaster that hit Bangalore, she is full of research and depth. And this is a trait I admire and respect.

Kalpana Sharma,
Journalist, Columnist, Writer

It is not often that journalists can cross over from one medium to another. Yet, Vasanthi Hariprakash has managed to do just that. From print, to radio, to television. Not just that, she has managed to do well in all and to make her presence felt within a short time. Even this would not mark her out as different from the run-of-the-mill scribe if she had not, in the time she has been present in each of these media, managed to turn out meaningful as well as interesting stories.