Life saver, in under-20 mins

The receptionist at the medical centre told me somewhat guiltily, “Sorry madam, just 20 more minutes you have to wait. And then you can meet Doctor with the report.”

A dear relative was admitted, I was waiting to discuss details, only that the doc was still super busy. And so was the crowd in the room, some reading mags, others looking at, or talking deeply into, their mobiles.
Jain hospital in the heart of Bangalore is that way pretty easily laid out – you dont get lost in endless corridors. I stepped out of the room & the building, walked right across to ‘Lions blood bank’ on the first floor. Filled a white-colour form; after which a man there led me to a room next, pressed & pricked my finger and dabbed it on to an instant haemoglobin checker. “14.2, good. Neevu blood kod bahudu. Do you want to give right away?”
A quick BP check as I lied down, and in less than 15 minutes, they had extracted 350 ml of blood on to a thick plastic sachet. Deed done, a ‘frooti’ given, I was asked to rest for a few minutes more before leaving.
I walked back, the reception lady smiled. “Corrrect time, you can go” & I went right in, this time lightly holding on to the tiny round bandaid above my elbow.
Besides a little certificate & a ‘Be a Lifesaver’ sloganned white t-shirt shoved into my handbag..

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Posted: April 28, 2014


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