Radio & those mornings in the studio…

There is no better way to reach out to an entire city than as a radio anchor. `RJ’ as you get addressed. My airtime during my stint @ Radio City from 2004-08 was from morning 7 to 11, hosting the primetime show.

Every morning was no doubt a Goooooood Morning for four of those radio years. And when it was time to say bye to move on to another medium, another show, it was simply not easy. I remember this conversation I had on one of those last breakfast shows..


When I moved on to the world of video from audio, there was the added element of visuals that I had, to tell my story. While I have always loved the mystery that radio has and the power of the unseen voice, there are times when TV scores over the audio medium: Simply nothing can say it better than the visuals at the site of the ‘news’ .

One such moment for me was in Mangalore in Karnataka, where I reported on the infamous ‘pub attacks’, when a group of girls had been attacked by a bunch of hooligans… Watch on.

Bangalore celebrates people's bill

Anna Hazare's supporters gathered at the Freedom Park and were joyful and lyrical in their praise of the 72-year-old leader.

Durga, saved from Moin's fate

Had she not been rescued, this 14-year-old could have suffered Moin's fate. Durga, a migrant girl child in Bangalore, was abused and tortured by her employers for a whole year till she was rescued.

Why is it so important to save beaches?

NDTV has been on a campaign to highlight the problems our beaches face, and to ask the government to take action to save our beaches.

One Square Mile: Bitter Harvest - Laos

From the capital, Vientiane, it takes 10 hours for reporter Vasanthi Hariprakash to reach her square mile: a village next to the old Ho Chi Minh trail. Today it’s a peaceful highway for enterprising Vietnamese traders, but during the war it was a target for the B-52 bombers with their deadly cargo of cluster bombs. Forty percent are live, called UXOs, Unexploded Ordinance, and Hariprakash finds the villagers’ poverty leaves them no choice but to run the gauntlet of the unexploded munitions as they work in their paddy fields.