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I dont know how it is for you, but for many women, going all alone to a place whether on travel or work is a big deal. And if you have kids and a husband back home, even more so.
You make all the ‘arrangements’ until the time you return, yet, along with your luggage, you lug the guilt too:). And sometimes the travel part per se is pretty hassle free, but the two biggest challenges/awkward moments in whichever order: Going into a restaurant and ordering food. Asking/getting off for a loo break…
Iam no new solo traveller, but every lone travel gives you a newer high. Like this time’s travel, to a 5-day documentary workshop at a respected institute at a Himachali village which is more like a ‘logistics’ hurdle race. Began this morn with a cab ride from home to airport, then a flight to Delhi, hang around in the capital for a few hours, and now in the evening land up prepared at the ISBT for a 13-hour ride on a Himachal tourism corprn bus to Baijnath town, get off tmoro morning at a village called Dhramman (apparently there are two Dhrammans on the same route, but “get off onnnly at the second one ok”), then take a taxi (or if Iam lucky, a jhatka gaadi?) to Kandhbari village..
When I travel with only me for company, I watch myself keenly like an outsider would – trying to stay safe & act smart, adventurous yet cautious, spirited and at the same time spiritual.. The more you journey outwards, the deeper your journey inwards unto yourself.

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Posted: April 28, 2014


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