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He is years younger to me. He was in fact a fresh Delhi univ graduate interning with the national newschannel that I had just joined to report for. But in these 7 years gone by, this friend of mine went on to do journalism at Xaviers Mumbai, degree at the revered FTII and is now a cinematographer who has done some very interesting work and has won accolades, while staying totally grounded.

Last Friday, he called out of the blue from Mumbai saying he was coming down to Bangalore for a commercial documentary shoot & asked if I knew or could refer someone who could assist him for 2 days. I said I knew. The moment we hung up, I emailed My resume to him formally. He was shocked but thankfully, albeit shyly, he said yes!

And today, Day 1, shot in Bellandur & Malleswaram, was such fun. Having this far only been docu anchor / reporter / director, I have never had to do camerawork myself. It was so fab to watch and observe the kind of lenses and ND filters he picked up for zoom, wide, different situations & landscapes, to change the lenses he asked me to, to ‘pack up’ from location, to carry the not-so-light tripod slung across one’s shoulders and to keep asking him questions on how say a Canon c300 would give an output differently.. Till I decided to spare him & save up the rest for tmoro, the 2nd & last day of the shoot.

Don’t be amused, but I really see this as a career energiser formula: Jusss when you think you know it all in your field of work, sign up as Assistant. (Though the person, like my friend, will call you Collaborator no matter how much you insist..)

Twin gain: You get to look at the same things in a freshh unjaded way, plus you get a chance to keep that wily devil called Ego totally in check.

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Posted: July 9, 2015


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